You can order breakfast with the following steps. Please only fill in one form per room.

1. Click on the button below to enter the form for your breakfast order
2. fill in your name to continue to the order page
3. Fill in your name again, date of the breakfast, time that you want your breakfast and room name. Those are the 4 obligatory fields to be able to forward the order to us
4. Add the desired number to the items
5. Click on done . The system will ask your confirmation that all is good to send.

Please bear in mind that breakfast isn't included in your room rate.
The rates are
16 yrs and older : 9 €
6-15 yr : 6 €
< 6 yr : free

We would appreciate if you order your breakfast before 20:00 h.
We will put your trays on the table in the lounge at the desired time. We ask you kindly not to take your breakfast to your room.

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